yukiko's happy life

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Afternoon the classes, we went to the agricultural fair.
The place where agricultural fair was held was very far from Collage Park, so I was little tired before arrival.

As soon as entering, it smelled very bad for me.
Actually, I don’t like animals, so I didn’t think I would enjoy myself.
But I enjoyed myself, because I like rides very much. A lot of rides were there in the fair.

The ride which I road turned in. the air. And it made me comfortable, because I felt as if I became superman. I wanted to ride more and more.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Second Weekend

Last weekend, I took boat two times.
In Japan, I can’t take boat, because my hometown isn’t near either rivers and sea.
So I feel fresh. I think the view from boat is different from Japan, but very beautiful.

On Sunday, I visited George Washington’s house. Though I thought his house is large for me, may be most of beds in his house is too small.
I found my favorite place in Washington’s house. It is a yard. The yard is in front of the house and the yard is large. The yard ids very beautiful but it is beyond description. Anyway, the view of river, woods and sky from the yard is very beautiful.

On my way to and from, Tim taught me a lot of American jokes. When Tim taught me jokes, he laughed many times. First, I could not understand at all. Especially, I couldn’t understand the joke about fat mother, candy and rainbow. But I could understand, finally, only ‘knock knock jokes’.
I want to know the joke about fat mother, candy and rainbow also, so may be I will try to ask Tim again.

Friday, August 11, 2006


In the morning, I got an e-mail from my best friend in my high school.
She is in York, England now. Though she goes to different university in Japan, she goes to York for summer program too. She said her program is interesting.
I heard the address where she stays in York, so I’m going to sent letter for her.
We promised that after our returning in Japan, we meet and change souvenirs each other. So I want to find nice souvenirs which surprise her.

Today’s afternoon’s class is panel discussion about American university and lifestyle of students in U.S. Lots of differences from my university and lifestyle are there.

After the class, some of Maryland university students introduce walk around the university with us. I surprised the size of university, very large. And most my favorite place in the university is gym. The gym was very large and lots of facilities are there.
And I heard charge is cheaper than Japanese.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

When we took a rest in the coffee shop (Café Nema), I sat with Miki and Kokoro next to a man. Miki and I wanted to the drink which was the same next man drank, but we can’t find out from the menu list which he drank. So we decided to ask the man which he drank. He taught us very kindly and we could order properly and we could drink.
I drank strawberry smoothie and it was very very berry (Japanese Joke) good!!!
Maybe the next man was businessman, so he had Mac and he used it long. During our drinking, the man stood up and he went bathroom. He put his Mac on the table as if he wanted us to see the screen.
So we saw the screen.
The screen said, ‘those whom the God will kill’.

what is this mean??

I was feared .

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The seventh day (^u^o)
Today is family day!! I heard about American’s family a lot. It was very interesting for me, because a lot of differences are there between American’s and Japanese family.
After the afternoon classes, we went shopping (the Fashion Center at Pentagon). When I go sightseeing, even if I enjoy, I tend to be tired. (Maybe one of reason is walking outside in hot day.)
But yesterday, I was not tired at all, because maybe I like shopping.
I bought sunglasses and a wallet. This wallet is a present for my father’s birthday. I’m looking forward his surprised face. (@^u^@)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yesterday, I visited ‘Washington Post’. ‘Washington Post’ was very interesting, because it has a long and great history and a lot of people work there.

Then I visited ‘White House”. Though I had seen ‘White house’ through TV in Japan, I don’t think that I can visit ‘White House’. So I was very happy to see ‘White House’!! v(o^u^o)v

The Sixth Day

The day before yesterday’s night (8/5), when I went back my hotel with kokoro, kaoru, laura and ji-won with talking about something, we saw collision. So bicycle and car are crash. (*o*;)
And then two drivers began quarrel. I was much feared, because such incident is not happened so much.
I think America is very fun, but America is more dangerous than Japan. (>_<)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hello!! My name is yukiko. Please call me YUKKO. v(‘u’)v
Now I stay in Maryland for study English and for sightseeing and so on.Maryland is near Washington DC.

Today is the third day of my happy life in America.

First day!! o(>,<)o
I’m very tired because of my long trip in the plane.May be, the trip in the plane took 14 hours!!!But, thanks to long air trip, I could watch four movies!!